Association for Cultural Development for Civil Society (A.C.D.) an Iraqi recognized based nonprofit organization, in Mosul City, Iraq. Our Association was formed in Mosul in 2004 for the purpose of Help of Spreading democracy and peaceful coexistence between Iraqi-based families and Tribes after Iraq liberation in 2003.
The Association created and funded by USAID under the name of NGO Resource Center, and then changed to ACD. At the beginning the Association work includes advocacy campaigns and training with USAID and US Army, and then focused to work on different programs including Youth, Women, National Reconciliation, and finally Minorities with different International NGOs and Funds like IRD, IRI, RI, and UN. To date, the association has focused on the quality of services provided. This internal assessments process assures ongoing quality improvements for the people we served.
Since 2004, with initial contribution from 40 percent of our directors, the Associations had been able to implement more than 9 big fund Civil Society projects, and 10 small grant projects in Mosul City.
So many aspects of our local and global societies are troubled, and are challenging our sense of security, fairness, values, safety, financial well-being and hope for the future.
Our vision is to   connect people and organizations that are willing to step forward, co-create solutions and take action in creating Cultures of Peace and greater well-being. This will be accomplished by integrating personal, professional and global initiatives and by recognizing shared principles and proven daily practices.
This letter invites your agency to become a financial stakeholder in the Association for Cultural Development for Civil Society's future. On its own or Association cannot realize its goals and objectives for 2009 and beyond. Our board believes that we need to share our vision for the future with all our potential stakeholders.



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